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8,08 EUR*
Details LINK HANDLE DIV OF SEYMOUR 30574-00 Screw on File Handle by Link Handle

High quality birch;Natural wax finish;For 5 files;Screw on handle makes its own thread on tang of file

8,56 EUR*
Details National Mfg. N117002 Chest Handle-3-1/2" CHEST HANDLE

3-1/2", Zinc, Surface Chest Handle, With Screws, Carded.

42,93 EUR*
Details Handler 00104–6 Handler 12 Stück

Der Handler is made with Antimicrobial Verbindungen, um die Oberfläche zu schützen. Die Kunststoff- und Gummiteile in Verbindung mit der Silver Nano-Partikel während des Herstellungsprozesses. Tests zeigen, dass diese Silberpartikel hemmen das ...

13,57 EUR*
Details United States Hdwe. P-045C Clear Faucet Handles-CLEAR FAUCET HANDLE

Clear, Plastic, Mobile Home Faucet Handle, 1-3/4" Height, 3/8" ID.

15,41 EUR*
Details BrassCraft SH7185 Moen Faucets Handle for Single Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Applications by BrassCraft Mfg

Manufactured in china;Easy to use;Highly durable;Handle for Moen Faucets;For Single Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Applications;Posi-Temp - Long/Shallow Broach Handle;Clear Acrylic

24,36 EUR*
Details Moen 96782 Handle by Moen

This product is a clear lavatory handle cap;Purpose of use for kitchen faucets and accessories, faucet-handles;Manufactured in the United states;Replacement handle;Knob handle type;Acrylic material;Clear finish

23,19 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Obadiah Brass Handle with Rose

The design of the lever handle is a humble one and so is the name of the handle. The meaning of the name of the handle is worshipper of Yahweh which is a great name for a handle. This shows that the handle is an important part of the collection and ...

17,29 EUR*
Details BrassCraft SH7752 Valley Faucets Handle for Single Handle Lavatory and Kitchen/Tub/Shower Faucet Applications by BrassCraft Mfg

Manufactured in China;Easy to use;Highly durable;Handle for Valley Faucets;For Single Handle Lava/Kitchen/Tub/Shower Faucet Applications;Clear Acrylic; Old Style

5,85 EUR*
Details Bamboo Bag Handle 7-1/2" Round-Natural

SUNBELT FASTENERS-Bamboo Bag Handle. Add this beautiful handle to any homemade bag creation! This package contains one 7-1/2 inch round handle. Design: Round Natural. Imported.

8,79 EUR*
Details BrassCraft SHD0254 C Faucet Handle Buttons for Delta Faucet , Clear Acrylic, 2-Pack by BrassCraft Mfg

Clear acrylic faucet handle buttons for Delta Faucet handles;The 2 pack includes a hot handle button and a cold handle button;1-5/16 diameter;OEM number is RP19659 (RP5692);Faucet handles are not included

22,63 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Thessalonians Brass Handle with Rose

The handle has a rose instead of a back plate. The rose and the handle are made up of solid brass metal. The metal polishes are 11 in number that give this handle 11 different looks. There are key holes available with the handle which can change the ...

8,14 EUR*
Details Metaal pannen Pan Pot Glass Deksel Cover Knop Handle Handle Grip 5pcs

Idealer Ersatz f¨¹r die aus geh?rtetem Glas Topf Deckelknopf oder Pfanne Deckelknopf. Materialien aus Metall, mit 5mm Montageloch.

23,12 EUR*
Details First4Spares Ersatz-klappe-Handle für Brandt Waschmaschinen

First4Spares Ersatz-klappe-Handle f?r Brandt Waschmaschinen - First4Spares kompatibel Brandt ersatz-klappe-handle f?r Brandt waschmaschinen - premium qualit?t-ersatz-t?rgriff montage ?quivalent zu Brandt original teileummer - AS0008102 - Ganzes handle ...

29,18 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Leviticus Brass Handle with Rose

The name of the handle indicates as if the tail of the handle is levitating from the base. It has a special name which has been kept on the third book of Bible. The handle has a rose instead of a back plate which takes less space on the doors. Handles ...

11,40 EUR*
Details NATIONAL MFG/SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI - Chest Handle, Zinc, 4-In.

V175, 4", Zinc, Chest Handle, Surface, Designed For Small Chests & Boxes, Handle Allows For In Use Hand Clearance, Easy Grip Handle, Manufactured From Steel, Visual Pac.

10,58 EUR*
Details Bamboo Bag Handle 7" Half Round W/Rod-Natural

SUNBELT FASTENERS-Bamboo Bag Handle. Add this beautiful handle to any homemade bag creation! This package contains one 7 inch round handle. Design: Half Round With Rod Natural. Imported.

22,80 EUR*
Details Salatbesteck "Animal Handles", Löwe

Salatbesteck "Animal Handles" Bringen Sie afrikanischen Stil auf Ihren Esszimmertisch - mit diesem tollen Salatbesteck "Animal Handles" aus Holz mit verschiedenen geschnitzten Tiermotiven am Griffende. Das Set bestehend aus einer Salatgabel und einem ...

13,88 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Amon Brass Handle with Rose (Polish Lacquered)

This brass handle comes with a rose attached to it. The sea of brass creates a firm base for the handle that has a unique name. The name of the handle Amon, means faithful and this is what is it is in functionality. You can almost imagine this handle ...

3,74 EUR*
Details Metal Purse Handle 5-1/2"X3-3/4" Half Round-Brass

Darcie-Metal Purse Handle: Brass. High quality essential for crafting! Thread beads onto the handle for a coordinated finish. This package contains one 5-1/2x3-3/4 inch half round purse handle. Imported.

26,77 EUR*
Details Black Wood Purse Handle 9-3/4" W04-B

Sunbelt-Wood Purse Handle. This wooden handle will give handmade bags and totes a professionally finished look. Slot styling allows for different purses to be fastened to the handles (via snaps, Velcro and more) quickly and easily. This package ...

8,40 EUR*
Details Plastic Handles 5-3/4"X4-1/2" U-Shaped-Black 2/Pkg

CLOVER-Plastic Handles. Use these handles for adding style to your handmade tote or bag! This package contains a pair of 5-3/4x4-1/2 inch u-shaped plastic handles. Design: Black. Imported.

6,96 EUR*
Details Plastic Bamboo-Look Handles 6-1/4" Round-Black 2/Pkg

CLOVER-Plastic Bamboo Look Handles: Round Black. Get creative! Make your own bag or tote and add these handles for a fantastic and custom bag. This package contains two plastic 6-1/4 inch handles. Imported.

11,01 EUR*
Details LARSEN SUPPLY CO., INC. - Gerb CHR LG MTL Handle

Gerber, Chrome, F Broach, Large Metal Deep Broach Faucet Handle, 1 Handle With Hot, Cold & Diverter Button & Screw, Carded.

16,70 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Luke Brass Handle with Rose

We understand the need for a perfect handle and determine that there are varied tastes. This handle can take you to an urban era or steal your memories to transport you to the yesteryears. The simplicity and the style of the handle have a mesmerising ...

27,71 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Mark Brass Handle with Rose

A strong black handle with the appearance of a weapon is what best describes his handle. The name has a special meaning in Biblical terms where it means Polite and the subtle appearance of the handle justifies it. Plain looks can be defying and this ...

62,99 EUR*
Details M21 Carson Folder, Black G10 Handle, Plain

CRKT M21 Carson Ordner schwarz G10 Handle Auto LAWKS. Geschlossene Gr��e 10,6 cm. 8cr14 Stahl-Klinge mit Titan Nitrat Beschichtung. Black G10 Handle. Herausnehmbare Edelstahl-Clip

10,88 EUR*
Details BrassCraft SH2138 Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Handles for Central Brass Faucets, 2-Pack, Chrome by BrassCraft Mfg

For Central Brass Faucet kitchen and bathroom faucet applications;Chrome faucet handles will complement any kitchen and bathroom decor;Handle dimensions are 1 height x 1-11/16 width;Includes 1-hot faucet handle and 1-cold faucet handle;OEM reference ...

17,90 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Proverbs Brass Handle with Rose

The name of the handle is a Biblical term a book of the Bible containing maxims attributed mainly to Solomon. The plain yet elegant design of the handle comes in solid brass form which gives the handle the shape you see. The different patinas of the ...

20,99 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Esther Brass Handle with Rose

The satin nickel finish of this door handle is available in the display. This handle makes a perfect fit for doors in your offices and homes where modern taste rules. Esther means a star in Hebrew. This name fits correctly to this handle as it becomes ...

6,50 EUR*
Details Bialetti: Replacement for Zera 2-Cups (1 Handle) [ Italian Import ]

Bialetti replacement spare handle 2 cup for zera espresso coffee makers. The handle is 8.5cm in length. Product comes in black.

8,82 EUR*
Details loew-cornell loew-cornell Mason Ball Jar Draht Griffe (handle-ease), 3er Pack

Loew Cornell-Mason Ball Jar Wire Handles (Handle-Ease). Create a hanging jar for flowers, gifts and more! This package contains three 5x2-3/4x2-3/4 inch mason jar wire handles. Imported.

25,34 EUR*
Details Adonai Hardware Ezra Brass Handle with Rose

The name of the handle has been inspired from the Bible where it means help or court. The handle helps you to keep your doors in place and use them effectively. When you look at the brass door handle you realise it has both style and functionality ...

14,99 EUR*
Details Too Hot to Handle


13,17 EUR*
Details Handler

Har Mar Superstar - Handler - Cd

2,01 EUR*
Details Faithfull - Laubholz Datei-Handle 75mm (3in) - FAIHWF3

- Faithfull - Laubholz Datei-Handle 75mm (3in) - FAIHWF3

16,60 EUR*
Details Classic Ash Pan with Handle - 450mm

Standard Ash Pan Includes Handle - 450mm

13,19 EUR*
Details American Granby HMIP200-HANDLE HMIP 2"-Handgriff

American Granby HMIP200-HANDLE HMIP 2"-Handgriff